Special Training

Geochemical  Evaluations
     Geochemical Evaluations of Metals in Groundwater and Surface Water
          (Distinguishing Naturally Elevated Concentrations from Contamination)
     Characterization of Mine Wastes
     Applied Arizona Geology   

Geochemical  Transport Modeling
     Computer Modeling of Natural Attenuation and Bioremediation Systems
     Principles and Applications of Modeling Chemical Reactions in Ground Water
     Transport and Fate of Organic Chemicals in Soil and Groundwater
     Fractured Rocks: Characterization, Flow & Transport
     Computer Applications in Ground Water Pollution and Hydrology

Statistical Analysis
     Statistical Methods for Environmental Monitoring
     Advanced Statistical Techniques for Environmental Monitoring
     Advanced Statistical Techniques for the Geosciences
     Advanced Topics in Statistical Analysis
     Sampling and Weighing of Bulk Solids

Health and Safety
     40-hour Mine Safety and Health (MSHA) New Miner with Annual Refreshers
     40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations with Annual Refreshers
     Thermo-Fisher Scientific NITON XRF Analyzer